Hosting Parties

Hosting Parties

For information on how to attend parties at ConFusion please go HERE


Are you Planning to Host a Party at ConFusion?

Firefly Crew – 2016

Yes? Read how below.

  • If you are planning on hosting a party at ConFusion, either private or public, please fill out our form:                                                               ROOM PARTY REQUEST SUBMISSION
    • All Parties MUST fill out the Party Request Form by December 1, 2016.
  • There are two ways to have a party at Life, the Universe, and ConFusion this year:
    • Have a party in your hotel room.
      • Our current hotel has no suites on the party floors.
      • So parties held in guest rooms, it will be a regular-sized with bed/s and such.
      • Unfortunately this hotel has limited storage space and we cannot pull beds.
    • Have a party in exhibit space.
      • We currently have 8 rooms which can be rented for $225 per night for parties.
      • The $225 includes tax, service charge, and corkage fees.
      • Party throwers will have access to the room from 8pm until the next morning.
      • The hotel will help setup the room with chairs, tables, ice, and such.
      • These rooms are over 600 sq. ft. so there is lots of space to party, dance, play games, drink and so on.
  • ConFusion Party Rules:
    • Party Holder (Room Renter) is responsible for any damage done to hotel property.
    • Painters tape is to be used when hanging flyer’s for any parties, AND flyers must be approved by OPS before hanging.
    • No Underage Serving/Drinking. (Each individual who will be serving must sign and adhere to alcohol serving agreement)
      • All Age parties that wish to serve MUST check ID’s at the point of service.
    • No Adult Activities in the presence of minors.
    • No use of fog machines, incense burning, smoking or other open flame.
    • No use of confetti, glitter, sparkles, dance floor dust, silly string, or bubbles.
    • All Parties must remain on party floors.
    • No alcohol can be transported out of party space.
  • Any questions can be directed to Rhiannon Cahours at