Get Involved!

Whether this is your first ConFusion or your 43rd, there is always something excited going on. If you want to help make ConFusion happen, jump in, show up, and do it. We are alway in need of dedicated people who want to help ConFusion come to life!

There are many ways to help make ConFusion what it is.

Become a Staff or ConCom Member

ConFusion happens because every year a group of very dedicated folks put in countless hours discussing, planning, liaising,  and creating.

ConCom Positions Still Open:

  • Track Heads
    • Comic
    • Fandom
    • Gaming
    • Media
  • GoH Liaisons

Areas Still in need of Staff:

  • ConSuite
  • Operations
  • Registration

If you are interested in any of these positions please fill out our ConFusion Staff, Volunteer and Programming Track Head Application

Participate in Panels

Each track build panels from the ground up and we are always looking for new ideas and people to involved. This includes Artists, Authors, Game Masters, Musicians, Cos-Players, and much more!

If you would like to be a panelist, please fill out this form:

PANELIST APPLICATION – Due September 30, 2016

If you have ideas for panels you would like to see, please fill out this form:

PANEL IDEA SUBMISSION FORM – Due September 30, 2016

If you have attended ConFusion in the past and would like to see a panel or event repeated, please fill out this form:

LET’S DO THAT AGAIN! – Due September 30, 2016


ConFusion simply could not happen without volunteers. The con runs as a labor of love created by those willing to donate cash, time, effort, energies and ideas to make it happen year after year. It is nice to think that a job well-done is its own reward, but we know differently. ConFusion tries to reward all of its volunteers in some form or another. Volunteers, lovingly referred to as Gophers, are extraordinarily important, so much so, that they get “paid” in a several different ways.

How Do I Volunteer?

ConFusion is always in need of on-site volunteers. They are the true backbone of our convention. Please sign up in advance to get prime times and departments.

Fill out this form to start the volunteer process: VOLUNTEERING FORM OR Email OR sign up in OPS during the convention.

Gopher Rewards 

The Gopher Hole: The gopher holes are rooms (gender neutral) set aside for volunteers to sleep, store their stuff, or take a shower. For those of us who cannot afford the added expense of a room, this is nearly $200 worth of valuable savings.

  • Cost: 2 Hours of volunteering per 24 Hours (so for Friday and Saturday: 4 hours)

Membership: ConFusion provides compensated membership to its volunteers in two ways, by reimbursing the cost of your current year badge cost and/or by pre-registering you for the next ConFusion.

  • Reimbursement Cost: 10 Hours of volunteering (8 for students with school ID)
  • Pre-Registration Cost: 8 Hours of volunteering

Saturday Night Appreciation Event: This is a pizza party just for gophers. It is held in one of the volunteer rooms at 7pm on Saturday night of the convention.

  • Open to All Volunteers

Volunteer of the Con: We all contribute, but some of us simply go above and beyond… putting in absurd amounts of hours, working every department at some point or another, or just really stepping up when they’re needed. We like to give those industrious souls some recognition and a little something extra. Department heads and the volunteer wranglers are on the lookout for standouts to recommend as Volunteer of the Con–an honor (with prizes) awarded during the closing ceremonies.

  • Open to All Volunteers
  • Prizes to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!