Here are some of the main events that will occur during ConFusion.

GoH Dinner

The GoH dinner happens on Thursday night. It is a meal to welcome our GoHs, fill our stomachs, and get ready for the convention to begin. Anyone is welcome to join but we do ask you to RSVP.

RSVP for GOH Dinner HERE

Thursday Charity Event

Join us on Thursday evening following the GoH dinner for a charity event that promises to entertain as well as do good.

Karaoke for a Cause!

Join us for an evening of harmonious (hopefully) humanitarianism. Share your voice, your donations, and your applause in the name of this years charity. 

More details on Karaoke for a Cause!

Charity: Life is Good Kids Foundation | Playmakers

     karyoke 1 Singing: 

We will welcome anyone who would like to lend their voice to the cause.  The idea here is that panelist/attendees will pick a song to perform and the audience will show support by filling the tip jar.  Duets + Groups are also welcome to preform.  Multiple performances are also encouraged.

Here are the lists of songs we have available to choose from. If you want to preform a song we don’t have please let us know asap, and we will try to track it down.  


Dessert Reception

The Dessert Reception occurs on Friday night directly following opening ceremonies. It is a chance to chat with GoHs, panelists, and staff over delicious desserts.

Iron Artist

Iron Artist is a huge event when artists compete to create wonderful pieces of art while  under the clock! Check it out and vote on your favorite. Email: for more details.

CZbyWJ1WwAM95frAutograph Session

Authors, Artists, Musicians! We gather them all together for a massive signing event!


Look for the Autograph Session in the Program Book to find out who will be signing this year.


There is no extra charge to attend this event or for signatures.



credit: blackhole photography


Do you Cosplay? The Masquerade is the place for you! Show off your costuming talent in a themed masquerade. Email: for more details.

Ready to sign up? Save time and fill out the form now.

Masquerade Entry Form

Not ready yet? You can fill out a form in person at OPS.