I represent another convention, may I…flyers table

  • send flyers for my Con?YES! Please send anything to the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association P.O. Box 8284 Ann Arbor, MI 48107 by January 1st, 2017 and it will be displayed on our Flyers Table.
  • throw a party at ConFusion for my Con?
  • hold a meeting or other event for my ConCom?

I am an artist, if I send you my art will you put it in your art show/auction?

No, ConFusion no longer holds an art show or auction. All merchandise is sold through our Dealers Room and Artist Alley.

freebies tableI have some great items that I would like to give away to fans, do you have a way to help facilitate that? 

  • Is it new or used in great condition? Yes?
    • Then YES! Our Freebies table is the perfect spot to leave books, tech, fanzines, etc. Please DO NOT SEND freebie items in the mail. Any items left at the end of the convention will be discarded.
  • Are you an Author/Publisher/Musician/Artist looking to send promotional items?

Have a question? Email chair@confusionsf.org