Voting Meeting (March Meeting)

Voting Meeting (March Meeting)

At this event the name for the con was voted on and chosen for 2017.  Friendship is ConFusion!


Hello Everyone,

Here are the details of the handoff meeting.

Who: YOU!
Date: March 12th, 2016 at 4:30pm-11:59pm
Location: Novi Shreaton, 21111 Haggerty Hwy, Novi, MI 48375
What: The AASFA Board Spring Voting Meeting and ConFusion Hand Off Party

We will be providing some munchies and beverages but please bring stuff to share. This event is open to EVERYONE, not just Con-Com.
The AASFA board will be calling for nominations for board members soon, remember if you have attended 2 AASFA events* in the last year, you CAN vote.

Can’t wait to see you all,

*AASFA events from the last year:
-2015 Summer Picnic
-2016 ConFusion
-2016 Spring Voting Meeting