Friendship Is ConFusion

Friday5:00 PM5:50 PMTeens and Jessi (Zerwas) Drummer  Present "How to Get Involved at Con"BoardroomGetting involved at con can be hard if you don't know where to start or why to get involved. Want some help? We have the answers.Jessi (Zerwas) DrummerTEENFUSION
Friday6:00 PM6:50 PMRolling Your RoleBoardroomHow to roll a character for a role playing game and the basics of D&D TEENFUSION
Friday7:00 PM Dungeons & DragonsBoardroom(Teens) Play D&D in the Teen Room. Previous experience is not required. TEENFUSION
Saturday9:00 AM9:50 AMGeodesic DesignsBoardroomLearn about geodesic structures and make a geodesic dome. TEENFUSION
Saturday10:00 AM10:50 AMHow to Make Your Own Flower CrownBoardroomTired of buying flower crowns at the mall? Tired of simple flower crowns? Well then this panel is the one for you. This panel will teach you to make your own flower crowns and how to personalize them to your own liking so that you can really stand out from the crowd. TEENFUSION
Saturday11:00 AM11:50 AMTrivia for Chocolate for TeensBoardroomKnow a lot about Science Fiction? How about anime? Confident in your knowledge? Want to earn chocolate for knowing things? Then come visit us as we test how much you know and our ability to throw. TEENFUSION
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMWe Still Love Harry PotterBoardroomAs a fan of the Harry Potter universe it expected that you will love some things more than others. Come join us in our discussion of the magics of the wizarding world and what we miss about Harry Potter. TEENFUSION
Saturday2:00 PM2:50 PMAnime: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyBoardroomAn Open Discussion on the parts of anime that you as a fan enjoy, the ones you find to be meh, and the ones that are just downright wrong. TEENFUSION
Saturday3:00 PM3:50 PMFriendship is Cookies!BoardroomCome decorate sugar cookies with the theme of the convention. Make new friends and experience the true magic of friendship (and cookies). Eat the love. TEENFUSION
Saturday4:00 PM4:50 PMArt MuralMural of ConFusionContribute your drawing abilities and skills to the art mural with a group of your peers. TEENFUSION
Saturday6:00 PM6:50 AMTeen Iron ArtistBoardroomAn art competition for teens, judged by teens TEENFUSION
Saturday7:00 PM7:50 PMThe Writing JourneyBoardroomBoth Susan Dennard and Kate Elliott started writing as teens. They'll talk about their experiences and how they turned writing into a career, and they especially want to hear your questions about writing, publishing, and art.Kate Elliott, Susan DennardTEENFUSION
Saturday8:00 PM Teen Movies, Munchies, and More!BoardroomCome hang with us for the evening. We have games, movies, pizza, and fun! You must sign up at TeenFusion by 12:00 PM Saturday. TEENFUSION
Sunday9:00 AM9:50 AMPuzzlemaniaBoardroomMaking crafts with leftover puzzle pieces and putting together puzzles TEENFUSION
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMJapanese Candy Taste-TestingBoardroomDo you want to branch out from the same candy in every store? Do you want to try Japanese Candy without having to buy it yourself in case you don't like it? Well that's what this panel is for. Try a bunch of Japanese candy and maybe find your new favorite. TEENFUSION
Sunday10:0010:50 AMKid/TeenFusion Reading: Mary G. ThompsonPetoskeyAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksMary G. ThompsonTEENFUSION
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMPlaydough-ramaBoardroomBeat your enemies to death with self-created playdough creatures. TEENFUSION
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMOrigami & KirigamiBoardroomLearn the fine art of Japanese paper folding and cutting. TEENFUSION
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMHot Chocolate Klatsch with Mark OshiroBoardroomTalk to Fan GOH about his work while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.Mark OshiroTEENFUSION