Friendship Is ConFusion

Sunday1:00 AM Konosuba (18+)KensingtonKazuma Sato is a shut-in die-hard fan of games, anime, and manga. A traffic accident brings his disappointingly brief life to an end, or it should have, but he wakes up and sees a beautiful girl who introduces herself as a goddess. She asks him if he'd like to go to another world but he can only bring one thing with him. Kazumi chooses to bring the goddess. With that, he is transported to another world and his great adventure subjugating the demon king begins, but first the hard work of finding food, clothing, and shelter begins. Kazuma wants to live in peace, but the goddess raises one problem after another, and then the demon king's army has its eyes set on him. 18+ only. ID will be required. FILM
Sunday5:00 AM The Asterisk WarKensingtonIn a dystopian future where a meteor crash has destroyed numerous cities an at it's impact an element called mana was discovered. It allowed human technology to make rapid strides giving rise to a new species of super-powered humans, the Star Pulse Generation (Genestella). The Festas (Star Warrior Festivals) host battles between Genestella at a city of six academies called "Rikka," also commonly known as "Asterisk." This story follows scholarship student Ayato Amagiri as he transfers to Seidokan Academy in order to fulfill his own wish of finding out about the mysteries surrounding the disappearance of his sister FILM
Sunday9:00 AM9:50 AMPuzzlemaniaBoardroomMaking crafts with leftover puzzle pieces and putting together puzzles TEENFUSION
Sunday9:30 AM Twin Star ExorcistsKensingtonRokuro Enmado is a young boy who used to be a powerful aspiring exorcist, before a tragic incident left his friends dead and made him abandon the profession. One day, he has a fateful encounter with Benio Adashino, a girl around his age and a well known exorcist from the east. According to prophecy, Rokuro and Benio are the "Twin Star Exorcists", and are destined to marry and have a child known as the Miko, which will be the ultimate exorcist, capable of cleansing all evil spirits, or Kegare, from the world and ending the war that has lasted over a millennium. FILM
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMJapanese Candy Taste-TestingBoardroomDo you want to branch out from the same candy in every store? Do you want to try Japanese Candy without having to buy it yourself in case you don't like it? Well that's what this panel is for. Try a bunch of Japanese candy and maybe find your new favorite. TEENFUSION
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMPitch an Agent at ConFusion!CharlevoixBring your pitch to ConFusion! Sam Morgan, agent with JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. will be taking 10 minute pitches. Bring yourself and your pitch. Slots are limited to 10 minutes. Please be on time for your slot! You must sign up in advance at Ops.Sam MorganLITERATURE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMKaffeeklatsch with Pro GOH Gail CarrigerClub LoungeJoin our Pro Guest of Honor for coffee, tea, and conversation. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up at OPS.Gail CarrigerCONFUSION
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMPantsers Rule! (Or So They Tell Me)InterlochenNo plan! No safety net! Writing by the seat of your pants is the best, most effective writing strategy. Well... at least for some writers. What are the strengths and weaknesses, and what might be some alternatives, other than outlining?Diana Rowland (M), Michael Ceislak, Andrea Phillips, John Klima, Courtney SchaferLITERATURE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMCitizen Scientist: Biomechanical EngineerIsle RoyaleThe current state of the art in cybernetic body parts, plus a look into the future.Daniel Dugan (M), Martin L. Shoemaker, Matthew Alan ThyerSCIENCE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMBlurring the LinesKeweenawGenre is sometimes described as little more than arbitrary marketing categories, but readers and writers often define themselves by their preferred genre. What makes a genre distinct, and what happens when those distinctions are imported into another genre? Is it just a crossover, or an illustration that the distinctions are arbitrary?Brandon Black (M), Jackie Morgan, Cherie Priest, Jason Sanford, Kristine Smith, Jason SizemoreLITERATURE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMFantasy & SF All-StarsLeelanauPanelists draft players for their team from across the science fiction and fantasy multiverse, right before your eyes, to confront an existential threat! Who will they choose, who will they ignore, and who will end up with the best team? The audience decides the winner!Dan Moren (M), Stacey Filak, Adam Rakunas, Andrea Johnson, Navah WolfeLITERATURE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMReading: John Chu, Annalee Flower Horne, Marissa LingenManitouAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksJohn Chu, Annalee Flower Horne, Marissa LingenLITERATURE
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMThe Riddle of Challenge ArtSaugatuckA growing trend in the arts online is 30 Art Challenges like #Drawlloween & #Inktober, here's a look at a few themes, the results, and a discussion of why they're a great way to flex your artistic muscles, regardless of skill level.Ben Rodriguez (M), Katherine Erickson, Pablo Defendini, Brigitte Winter, Dustin PatrickART
Sunday10:0010:50 AMKid/TeenFusion Reading: Mary G. ThompsonPetoskeyAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksMary G. ThompsonTEENFUSION
Sunday10:00 AM1:00 PMPillars of the EarthBallroom CAt the beginning of the 13th century, construction of the greatest and most beautiful cathedral in England begins. Players are builders who try to contribute the most to this cathedral's construction and, in so doing, score the most victory points. Gameplay roughly consists of using workers to produce raw materials, and then using craftsmen to convert the materials into victory points. Workers may also be used to produce gold, the currency of the game. Players are also given three master builders each turn, each of which can do a variety of tasks, including recruiting more workers, buying or selling goods, or just obtaining victory points. Getting early choices with a master builder costs gold, as does purchasing better craftsmen. Players must strike a balance between earning gold to fund their purchases and earning victory points. 4 PLAYERS. TABLE: FluttershyNikki CGAMING
Sunday10:00 AM1:00 PMThe Castles of BurgundyBallroom CThe game is set in the Burgundy region of High Medieval France. Each player takes on the role of an aristocrat, originally controlling a small princedom. While playing they aim to build settlements and powerful castles, practice trade along the river, exploit silver mines, and use the knowledge of travelers. 4 PLAYERS. TABLE: Apple BloomBryan BGAMING
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMTeen & Kid Reading: Mary G. ThompsonKidFusion Rm 515Join author Mary G. Thompson for a reading of her work! KIDFUSION
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMReading: Brandon Black, Michael J. DeLuca, Michael R. UnderwoodBallroom A&BAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksBrandon Black, Michael J. DeLuca, Michael R. UnderwoodLITERATURE
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMPlaydough-ramaBoardroomBeat your enemies to death with self-created playdough creatures. TEENFUSION
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMKaffeeklatsch with Science GOH Karen BurnhamClub LoungeJoin our Science Guest of Honor for coffee, tea, and conversation. Limited to 10 participants. Sign up at OPS.Karen BurnhamCONFUSION
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMLong Tail of the Tall TaleInterlochenTall tales, like their fairy tale cousins, are reinvented in every culture around the world. Handed down through generations, they provide context for how humans relate to each other and to stories. How have these oral traditions influenced today's fiction? Is there such a thing as a modern tall tale?Dyrk Ashton (M), Sarah E. Gibbons,  John Chu, Bernadette Bosky, Diana RowlandLITERATURE
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 PMWriting is FundamentalIsle RoyaleSome of the fundamentals of prose storytelling have evolved over time, and some vary wildly between genres. What has changed since the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres came to be as we know them, and how have genres like mystery, romance, and YA diverged?Andrea Phillips (M), Wesley Chu, Jackie Morgan, Emmy Jackson, DongWon SongLITERATURE
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMNerd Culture CultivationKeweenawRaising humans that you WANT to have conversations with.Rhiannon Kelley, Anna Carey, Jen Talley, Stacey Filak, Andrea DaleFANDOM
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMBefore You Share Your StoryManitouDo you friends go the other way when they see you with a freshly-printed story in your hands? They might not tell you your story stinks, but they know what's fun to read and what's not. This panel will help you present your friends, beta readers and editors with a well-polished story that's easy and fun to read using human and computer techniques for identifying awkward phrases in your writingClif FlyntLITERATURE
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMPhilosophy in AnimePetoskeyWe will pose philosophical questions to audience members and invite them to discuss the matters in small groups. We will ask a representative from each group to share the findings of that group. You will not be required to speak if you do not wish to do so. There are no right answers, but thinking about philosophical questions can be both enjoyable and enlightening. No experience is required.Richard Herrell (M), Cassy S.MEDIA
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMHow the **** Do I Make This???: Stump the Costume ExpertsSaugatuckA lively and popular discussion returns! Come ask a panel of experienced costumers your toughest questions about how to build oddball, unique, or just plain difficult things, from articulated wings to suits that light up when you talk.Suzette Mariotti (M), David M. Stein, Andrea Johnson, Doreen (ANN LONG) White, Suzette MariottiCOSTUMING
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMMaking MonstersSt. ClairCome hear our panelists talk about the ins and outs of creating monsters in media and literature.  What goes into crafting a compelling monster? What is the monster's role in stories?  What's scarier: to see the monster, or just the idea it? Nichole E. Castle (M), Mallory O'Meara, Lesley Conner, Michael Cieslak, Angela Carina Barry, Jeffrey Alan LoveMEDIA
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMKookieklatch StorytimeKidFusion Rm 515Come up and be read to by whichever guests happen to show up. If you have a favorite book that you would like to have read, feel free to bring it.Bob TrembleyKIDFUSION
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMJeffrey Alan Love ReadingBallroom A&BOur Art Guest of Honor reads from his new book "Notes from the Shadowed City" which he both wrote and illustrated.Jeffrey Alan LoveCONFUSION
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMOrigami & KirigamiBoardroomLearn the fine art of Japanese paper folding and cutting. TEENFUSION
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMLiterary Friendships are MagicIsle RoyaleFriendship is confusion? No! Friendship is magic. Are there friendships in science fiction and fantasy that have changed your life? What makes a compelling fictional friendship for you?Mark Oshiro (M), Dave Robison, Susan Dennard, Amy Sundberg, Kate ElliottLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMRail Guns, Power Armor and Killer RobotsKeweenawHow close are we to the military technology heralded in SciFi books? Experts will talk about what is on the horizon.Kristine Smith (M), Tobias Buckell, Kameron Hurley, Karen BurnhamSCIENCE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMWhat the F Did I Just Watch?!LeelanauThe web can be a strange place. Let's discuss the weirdest internet fads and memes we've seen (100 layers challenges, don't hug me i'm scared, weird commercials, etc.)Daniel Dugan (M), Sarah Lynn, Cassy S., Jeanne SzaramaMEDIA
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMThe One That Got AwayManitouRejection is part of the business. Even the best stories aren't for everyone. Have our panel of editors rejected stories that went on to great success? Why did they make those decisions, and did they regret it in the face of those stories' successes?Lee Harris (M), Sam Morgan, Yanni Kuznia, Gillian RedfearnLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMRandom Fractions ConcertMarquetteCathy McManamon and Jason Neerenberg blend guitar and bass, vocal harmony, and original songs & cover tunes with their own personal twist from filk, folk, and any genre of music that strikes their fancy. Their first performance of 2017 is sure to include some brand new music!Cathy McManamon, Jason NeerenbergMUSIC
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMAll According to Keikaku*SaugatuckOur panelists discuss the unexpected plot twists of trying to express the same story using words from a different language, and how translation impacts the reader's perception of a story. (Keikaku means "Plan")Carl Dayagdag (M), Gail Carriger, Gustavo Navarrete, David ReyesLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMHere's What They Did to My Baby!St. ClairNo one really knows how the game is played. The art of the trade. How the sausage gets made. We just assume that it happens. And by it, we mean publishing a book. Authors tell the tale of the publishing process from their perspective. Copyedits! Title changes! Other mad alchemy!Patrick S. Tomlinson (M), Suzanne Church, Jim C. Hines, Marshall Ryan MarescaLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM1:00 PMAfternoon BreakKidFusion Rm 515KidFusion is closed for one hour in the afternoon. KIDFUSION
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMHot Chocolate Klatsch with Mark OshiroBoardroomTalk to Fan GOH about his work while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate.Mark OshiroTEENFUSION
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMThe Evolution of the ZombieInterlochenSlow zombies, fast zombies, undead zombies and plague zombies. Over the years we've seen them all. How has the mythos of the zombie evolved and where might it go next?Scott (Toaden) Maiale, Lesley Conner, John Klima, Cherie Priest, Mallory O'MearaMEDIA
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMGame of ThronesIsle RoyaleOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show.  Moderator(s) will help guide! Andrew Drummer (M)MEDIA
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMRomantic LeadsLeelanauWhat makes a good romantic lead? In straight romance, does the guy need to be tough, a bad boy? Does the woman need to be feisty but soft and not like other girls? What happens when your romantic leads are queer and/or genderqueer? How do those heteronormative tropes get replicated or subverted?Sara Dobie Bauer, Suzanne Church, Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka, Amal El-Mohtar, Gail CarrigerLITERATURE
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMFuture Performer SuggestionsMarquetteWho would you like to hear perform at ConFusion at the future? If we've never heard of them, all the better.Mark BernsteinMUSIC
Sunday1:00 PM2:50 PMPenguicon Planning MeetingSt. ClairJoin the organizers of tech/sf con Penguicon as they ramp up for their April event with their Con Committee meeting, open to all!Penguicon ConComFANDOM
Sunday1:00 PM5:00 PMNetherstorm: Library of LaomisBallroom CThe Sidhe city of Laomis was said to be cursed by the gods and has been lost since ancient times.  Now, the League of Boot and Trail claims to have found the lost city's library, but they've lost contact with their researchers.  What wonders will the party discover as they attempt a rescue? 6 PLAYERS. TABLE: Twilight SparkleThunderheadGAMING
Sunday1:00 PM3:00 PMOpen Games and Building for KidsKidFusion Rm 515Come and enjoy some games and lego building with friends as we wind the weekend down. KIDFUSION
Sunday2:00 PM4:00 PMWizardBallroom CPlayers compete over multiple rounds based on the number of players, and whoever ends with the highest score wins. In each round, players are dealt a hand of cards — one card in the first round, two cards in the second, three in the third, etc. — then trump is determined by flipping the top card of the undealt deck; if a suit is revealed, that suit is trump, while if a Wizard or Jester (or no card in the final round) is revealed, then the round has no trump. Players then state how many tricks they expect to win in the round. 6 PLAYERS. TABLE: Rarity SKAGAMING
Sunday2:30 PM Film Room closesKensington  FILM
Sunday3:00 PM3:50 PMClosing CeremoniesBallroom A&BCome say goodbye to our Guests of Honor and Special Guests, and learn what we might have in store for you for next year!Anna Carey, Karen Burnham, Gail Carriger, Jeffrey Alan Love, Mallory O'Meara, Mark Oshiro, Yanni Kuznia, Geralyn LanceCONFUSION
Sunday3:00 PM KidFusion Closes Thanks for another great KidFusion year! KIDFUSION
Sunday4:00 PM4:50 PMFeedback SessionBallroom A&BGive the ConCom compliments, ask questions, provide concerns. Review the con experience with the all-volunteer concom and staff, and find out how to join in the fun of planning ConFusion for next year!ConFusion ConComCONFUSION
Sunday5:00 PM Dead DogConSuiteRing out the end of Friendship is ConFusion with the last of the last. We will be open until the food or our patience runs out! CONFUSION