Friendship Is ConFusion

Friday5:00 PM5:50 PMModerating PanelsPetoskeyModerators are the hardest role to pin down, but possibly the the most important. What are the benefits of stepping up as a moderator? What are the responsibilities? How do you handle panelists going off track, or worse? How do you manage the dreaded "more of a comment than a question" from the audience?Justin Landon (M), Mark Oshiro, Janet Harriett, Gillian RedfearnFANDOM
Friday7:00 PM7:50 PMDefying GravityPetoskeyToo often we see new writers compared to Neil Gaiman or Margaret Atwood for purposes of marketing. Standing in the shadow of greatness can be overwhelming. Even more so if that shadow is cast by a relative or mentor. How does a writer escape the orbit of those who've come before and is it even worth worrying about?Anthony W. Eichenlaub (M), Amy Sundberg, Jason Sizemore, Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka, Ken SchraderLITERATURE
Friday8:00 PM8:50 PMAll things Onder and The Ed Greenwood Group (TEGG)PetoskeyA discussion of the shared worlds - Hellmaw and Stormtalons-  from this new publishing company.Suzanne Church (M), Gregory A. Wilson, Elizabeth ShackLITERATURE
Saturday10:00 AM10:50 AMLegend of ZeldaPetoskeyOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!Elise Kova (M)MEDIA
Saturday11:00 AM11:50 AMElementary Deduction: Sherlocking your way to success!PetoskeyInductive reasoning doesn't take a massive intellect - it's elementary, my dear. Learn how to amaze your friends and befuddle your enemies with tips and tricks from Aegis Consulting.Stephanie Oz, Dan Merrill, Jen Maher, Dan McKaySCIENCE
Saturday12:00 PM12:50 PMThe Dynasty of Deep Space NinePetoskeyDeep Space Nine: Great Trek, or the Greatest Trek? The newest incarnation of  Star Trek will launch in 2017, but, really, what's the point when Deep Space Nine has already happened? Our panelists will discuss what made DS9 not just great Trek, but the greatest Trek ever.Adam Rakunas (M), Navah Wolfe, Kate Elliott, Andrew Drummer, Scott H. AndrewsMEDIA
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMI'm not biased! (Yes, you are)PetoskeyNothing happens in a vacuum, nor is anything read in one. Every reader brings their own biases and preconceptions to a story. Should we take these biases into account when reading something written in a time different from our own? When reading contemporary fiction, is it necessary to set biases aside to explore outside our comfort zone?Gillian Redfearn (M), Anna Carey, Justin Landon, Yanni Kuznia, John ChuLITERATURE
Saturday2:00 PM2:50 PMPage 189PetoskeyListen to a short excerpt from page 189 of works unknown to you, then vote on whether you would read the book before learning what it is and who wrote it.Sarah Lynn (M)MEDIA
Saturday3:00 PM3:50 PMReading: Matthew Alan Thyer, Ken Schrader, Martin L. ShoemakerPetoskeyAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksMatthew Alan Thyer, Ken Schrader, Martin L. ShoemakerLITERATURE
Saturday4:00 PM4:50 PMAll Your Data Are Belong To UsPetoskeyWhat is "the internet of things?" How smart do we really want our devices to be? What will society look like when whole systems of objects talk to each other to shape our lives? And who controls the data our things collect?Daniel Dugan (M), Pablo Defendini, Andrea Phillips, Cassy S., Elise KovaSCIENCE
Saturday5:00 PM5:50 PMA Panel Particularly Pertaining to Peculiar ParticlesPetoskeySpeculation about multiple Higgs' Bosons, 750 gigaelectronvolt photon pairs and why it all matters.Andrew Zimmerman Jones (M), Richard Herrell, David John Baker, Bill HigginsSCIENCE
Sunday10:0010:50 AMKid/TeenFusion Reading: Mary G. ThompsonPetoskeyAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksMary G. ThompsonTEENFUSION
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMPhilosophy in AnimePetoskeyWe will pose philosophical questions to audience members and invite them to discuss the matters in small groups. We will ask a representative from each group to share the findings of that group. You will not be required to speak if you do not wish to do so. There are no right answers, but thinking about philosophical questions can be both enjoyable and enlightening. No experience is required.Richard Herrell (M), Cassy S.MEDIA