Friendship Is ConFusion

Friday5:00 PM5:50 PMThe ExpanseManitouOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!Adam Rakunas (M), Kate Elliott (M)MEDIA
Friday6:00 PM6:50 PMGravity FallsManitouOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!Daniel Dugan (M), Mur Lafferty (M)MEDIA
Friday7:00 PM7:50 PMStarting Out In WebcomicsManitouA crash course on what you need to know to create comics on the web. There will be hard truths, and lessons shared based on success and failure.Matt Pearson, Pablo Defendini, BluRaven C. HouvenerCOMICS
Saturday10:00 AM10:50 AMFrom Fanfic to ProficManitouMany of science fiction and fantasy's authors have come out of fandom. What's the transition like? Why do so many talented writers stay in fanfic? What does writer with professional aspirations get out of fic?Matthew Alan Thyer, Dira Lewis, Angela Carina BarryFANDOM
Saturday11:00 AM11:50 AMUsing Biology Dangerously to Inspire Laughter and ThoughtManitouScientifically blowing your mind 3 times in 50 minutes! Panelists are limited to 10 minute discussions based on three topics that are tied to lighthearted videos on Biology. Come learn, have fun, ask questions and be inspired.Julie Lesnik, Daniel DuganSCIENCE
Saturday12:00 PM12:50 PMReturn to Jupiter: NASA's Juno MissionManitouLast summer, a new spacecraft arrived at Jupiter. Juno's mission is to orbit the giant planet, studying its powerful magnetic field, its intense radiation belts, and the intricate interplay of particles and energies surging through nearby space. Bill Higgins reviews Juno's role in gathering more clues to the formation and evolution of Jupiter.Bill HigginsSCIENCE
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMMy Little Pony: Friendship is MagicManitouOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!John Klima (M)MEDIA
Saturday3:00 PM3:50 PMSubterranean Press Chat SessionManitouCome join production manager Geralyn Lance and learn more about what makes Michigan-based Subterranean Press  so special to the SFF field and to Confusion. Ever want to know what goes into producing a limited edition or selecting art for a dust jacket? Geralyn's got you covered. Want to know about this year's special guests sponsored by SubPress at Confusion? Ditto. She'll also be previewing what books SubPress has coming in 2017 and giving away a few special books to lucky audience members. Don't miss this chance to get the inside scoop on a unique publisher. Geralyn Lance, Kyle BrandonLITERATURE
Saturday4:00 PM4:50 PMThe Spiral Arm StoriesManitouClifford VanMeter will unveil his new collection of shorts, The Spiral Arm Stories. Four complete works that stand alone, but add to the events of Vengeance is a Wheel, Cliff's debut full-length novel published last year.Clifford VanMeterLITERATURE
Saturday5:00 PM5:50 PMPimp Your Mars RoverManitouWhat would a vehicle need to traverse the unforgiving surface of Mars? A perfect panel for those interested in engineering the next buggy.Karen Burnham (M), Martin L. Shoemaker, Courtney Schafer, Bill HigginsSCIENCE
Saturday6:00 PM6:50 PMAlternative Comics and ArtManitouArtwork created for the mainstream follows dominant trends and is marketed for popularity, but there are many alternative artists and creators doing spectacular things. Find out the difference between popular and underground art, why it's important and where to find it.Emily Zelasko (M), Crystal Mielcarek, Pablo Defendi, Ben Rodriguez, Michael KucharskiART
Saturday7:00 PM7:50 PMWhat's Your Favorite Apocalypse?ManitouA discussion on scientific advances that might tip the world towards an apocalypse.Kristine Smith (M), Andrew Zimmerman Jones, Julie Lesnik, Anthony W. Eichenlaub, Nichole E. CastleSCIENCE
Saturday8:00 PM8:50 PMDefense Against The Dark Arts: Defending From Harassment OnlineManitouOnline harassment is a serious threat. Come learn practical strategies for how to defend yourself and others from harassment and abuse. We'll cover mental health first aid, digital and physical security, and practical help you can offer to friends who are experiencing harassment, with a focus on how to avoid escalating the situation.Annalee Flower HorneFANDOM
Saturday9:00 PM9:50 PMMallory O'Meara Presents Previews!ManitouJoin our Media Guest of Honor for a sneak peek at some of the horror, sci-fi and fantasy films she has coming up from Dark Dunes Productions.Mallory O'MearaMEDIA
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMReading: John Chu, Annalee Flower Horne, Marissa LingenManitouAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksJohn Chu, Annalee Flower Horne, Marissa LingenLITERATURE
Sunday11:00 AM11:50 AMBefore You Share Your StoryManitouDo you friends go the other way when they see you with a freshly-printed story in your hands? They might not tell you your story stinks, but they know what's fun to read and what's not. This panel will help you present your friends, beta readers and editors with a well-polished story that's easy and fun to read using human and computer techniques for identifying awkward phrases in your writingClif FlyntLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMThe One That Got AwayManitouRejection is part of the business. Even the best stories aren't for everyone. Have our panel of editors rejected stories that went on to great success? Why did they make those decisions, and did they regret it in the face of those stories' successes?Lee Harris (M), Sam Morgan, Yanni Kuznia, Gillian RedfearnLITERATURE