Friendship Is ConFusion

Friday5:00 PM5:50 PMDressing Your Fictional WorldLeelanauThey say 'clothes make the man,' but they also make the man's physical and social world. Help our panel of writers and costumers build and dress a fictional world, and learn how you can use costume details to enhance the depth and verisimilitude of your work.Annalee Flower Horne (M), Sarah Gailey, Gail CarrigerCOSTUMING
Friday6:00 PM6:50 PMThe Alternator of HistoryLeelanauAlternate history manifests in several forms, but most often as "what if" narratives or time travel gone terribly wrong. How do alternate histories differ in form and style from their fantasy or science fictional parents? Why do so few alternate histories seem to engage with non-Western outcomes? Furthermore, are we less interested in alternate history as the past becomes more knowable all the time?Andrea Johnson (M), Sarah Gailey, Arthur D. Hlavaty, Kevin J. MaroneyLITERATURE
Saturday10:00 AM10:50 AMSocial Media Tips & Tricks for AuthorsLeelanauSocial media is fraught with peril. It can bleed your time, suck your soul, and maybe ruin your career. Or, it can be tremendously uplifting. How do you leverage social media for positivity and minimize its destructive tendencies? What platforms and applications make it easier?James L. Sutter (M), Sarah Gailey, Cherie Priest, Jim C. Hines, Mishell Baker, Jason SizemoreLITERATURE
Saturday11:00 AM11:50 AMRomance 101LeelanauIf all you know about romance is Fabio in ripped shirts and heaving bosoms, this is the panel for you! Come learn about the difference between romance and. romantic elements, the top tricks and tropes, and where the romance has always been in your favorite genre corner.Jackie Morgan (M), J.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker, Seleste deLaney/Julie PartickaLITERATURE
Saturday12:00 PM12:50 PMReading: J.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker, Sara Dobie Bauer, Dira LewisLeelanauAuthors read from current or forthcoming worksJ.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker, Sara Dobie Bauer, Dira LewisLITERATURE
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMMr. RobotLeelanauOpen, round table discussion of the characters, themes, and theories about what is happening/happened in the show. Moderator(s) will help guide!Dan Moren (M), Jason Sizemore (M)MEDIA
Saturday2:00 PM2:50 PMYou Got Your Romance in my Science Fiction!LeelanauLove stories have always been a part of science fiction and fantasy. So why do so many science fiction fans and creators spend so much effort vilifying romance? Who are the great romantic couples in SF&F?Diana Rowland (M), Gail Carriger, Karen Burham, Seleste de Laney/Julie Patricka, Ken Schrader, Kate Elliott,LITERATURE
Saturday3:00 PM3:50 PMHow To Author Your PersonaLeelanauHow do you develop who you are as an author for your fans while keeping your private life semi-private?Diana Rowland (M), J.C. Daniels/Shiloh Walker, Pablo Defendini, Ferrett Steinmetz, Scott H. Andrews, Gillian RedfearnLITERATURE
Saturday4:00 PM4:50 PMGeeking up Your Personal StyleLeelanauFrom steampunk styles to Disneybounding, there are a lot of ways to let our favorite worlds and characters influence our personal style. Our panelists will talk about how to bring a little cosplay into our daily closet by picking up significant details into subtle and distinctive personal styles.Doreen (ANN LONG) White (M), Delilah S. Dawson, Vanessa Ricci-Thode, Suzette MariottiCOSTUMING
Saturday5:00 PM5:50 PMWhat Should I Write First?LeelanauTwo schools of thought exist when it comes to debut writers. Some believe that a debut writer should build a brand around a long series, hoping to grow a committed audience over time. Others prefer to build a brand around the author, using standalones and short series to diversify. Is there a right way to do it? What are the pros and cons of each approach?Lee Harris (M), Steve Buchheit, Cameron McClure, Brigid CollinsLITERATURE
Saturday6:00 PM6:50 PMQueer Eye for Sci FiLeelanauQueerness in science fiction has always been part of the genre. Join panelists as they discuss the history of queerness within the genre, their experiences within the community, and the future of queer science fiction.Mark Oshiro, Mari BrigheFANDOM
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMFantasy & SF All-StarsLeelanauPanelists draft players for their team from across the science fiction and fantasy multiverse, right before your eyes, to confront an existential threat! Who will they choose, who will they ignore, and who will end up with the best team? The audience decides the winner!Dan Moren (M), Stacey Filak, Adam Rakunas, Andrea Johnson, Navah WolfeLITERATURE
Sunday12:00 PM12:50 PMWhat the F Did I Just Watch?!LeelanauThe web can be a strange place. Let's discuss the weirdest internet fads and memes we've seen (100 layers challenges, don't hug me i'm scared, weird commercials, etc.)Daniel Dugan (M), Sarah Lynn, Cassy S., Jeanne SzaramaMEDIA
Sunday1:00 PM1:50 PMRomantic LeadsLeelanauWhat makes a good romantic lead? In straight romance, does the guy need to be tough, a bad boy? Does the woman need to be feisty but soft and not like other girls? What happens when your romantic leads are queer and/or genderqueer? How do those heteronormative tropes get replicated or subverted?Sara Dobie Bauer, Suzanne Church, Seleste deLaney/Julie Particka, Amal El-Mohtar, Gail CarrigerLITERATURE