Friendship Is ConFusion

Friday6:00 PM6:50 PMLearn To Draw Cartoons with Bill Messner LoebsBallroom A&BTake a lesson on drawing cartoons from Bill at the Mural of ConFusion!Bill Messner-LoebsART
Friday7:00 PM7:50 PMStarting Out In WebcomicsManitouA crash course on what you need to know to create comics on the web. There will be hard truths, and lessons shared based on success and failure.Matt Pearson, Pablo Defendini, BluRaven C. HouvenerCOMICS
Saturday10:00 AM10:50 AMWhose Cartoon Is It Anyway?InterlochenA cartoonist face-off — the audience gives the panel of cartoonists a situation to draw. Cartoonist #1 draws half of it - Cartoonist #2 finishes it and adds a punch line!Dave Stein (M), Lar deSouza, Matt Feazell, Bill Messner-Loebs, Ben Rodriguez, Diana Harlan Stein, Emily Zelasko, Jeffrey Alan LoveART
Saturday12:00 PM3:00 PMIron ArtistSweet Apple Acres (Lobby)Drawing/sculpture isn't usually a performance art, but Iron Artists show how they work while creating  a piece of art (or craft) on the assigned topic.John Benson, Lar deSouza, Katherine Erickson, Matt Feazell, Michael Kucharski, Bill Messner-Loebs, Crystal Mielcarek, Ken Redington, Ben Rodriguez, Diana Harlan Stein, Emily ZelaskoART
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMArt Demo: It Starts With The DragonBallroom A&BArtist Clifford Van Meter gives a live story drawing with help from the audience!Clifford VanMeterART
Saturday1:00 PM1:50 PMThe Changing Faces of ComicsIsle RoyaleMany classic characters have gotten new looks, from less-exploitative costumes to new, diverse legacy faces: a teenage black girl genius wears the Iron Man armor, and a biracial Hawai'an actor will bring new life to Aquaman on screen. Will these new faces truly change the direction of comics, or will comics creators and publishers continue to go back to their old ways?Annalee Flower Horne (M), Marshall Ryan Maresca, Pablo Defendini, DongWon Song, BluRaven C. Houvener, Jen TalleyCOMICS
Saturday2:00 PM2:50 PMBehind the Scenes of a Book CoverBallroom A&BJeffrey Alan Love will paint a live demonstration of what goes into making a book cover, from the moment the artist gets the concept through to the final product. The completed painting will be raffled off to support our charity!Jeffrey Alan LoveART
Saturday5:00 PM5:50 PMVendor UniversityIsle RoyaleA crash course on the ins-and-outs of becoming a vendor at a convention. Panelists will provide useful  information about working with convention staff, how to interact with customers and complaints, and how to work around the unexpected, as well as discussing the real financial risks and rewards, licensing, and the legality of fan art.Doreen (ANN LONG) White (M), Michael Kucharski, Katherine Erickson,  Jason SizemoreART
Saturday6:00 PM6:50 PMAlternative Comics and ArtManitouArtwork created for the mainstream follows dominant trends and is marketed for popularity, but there are many alternative artists and creators doing spectacular things. Find out the difference between popular and underground art, why it's important and where to find it.Emily Zelasko (M), Crystal Mielcarek, Pablo Defendi, Ben Rodriguez, Michael KucharskiART
Saturday8:00 PM8:50 PMBill Messner-Loebs reads Jonny Quest!SaugatuckBill reads his Jonny Quest comic book story "Reputation" -- with all the glorious artwork!Bill Messner-LoebsART
Sunday10:00 AM10:50 AMThe Riddle of Challenge ArtSaugatuckA growing trend in the arts online is 30 Art Challenges like #Drawlloween & #Inktober, here's a look at a few themes, the results, and a discussion of why they're a great way to flex your artistic muscles, regardless of skill level.Ben Rodriguez (M), Katherine Erickson, Pablo Defendini, Brigitte Winter, Dustin PatrickART